About Me

Mike Tony Willis is a 19-year-old teenager who enjoys watching YouTube videos, going to the movies and listening to the radio. He is friendly and smart, but can also be very sneaky and a bit disloyal.

He is a Greek Christian who defines himself as pansexual. He finished school and then left academia. He is allergic to walnuts.

Physically, Mike is in good shape. He is short with walnut skin, black hair and black eyes.

He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. After his father died when he was young, he was raised by his mother

He is currently single. His most recent romance was with a sous chef called Otto Amara Powell, who was the same age as him. They broke up because Mike got fed up of being taken advantage of.

Mike’s best friend is a teenager called Krista Owens. They have a very firey friendship. He also hangs around with Neo Davidson and Adrian Page. They enjoy jigsaw puzzles together.